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industry IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1

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As a contribution to VMware community I’ve been awarded vExpert title in 2012 and 2013 consequently.

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Other Blogs

http://vshieldsuite.wordpress.com/ – Blog about vShield Product. This blog will help in understanding how security can be easily implemented in Cloud


45 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Preetam

    The information on your blog site is simply amazing and its purely by chance i came across it, thankful i have.
    Just wondering, for the VCP 5 is there any chance you can put all information, in to a single pdf document?
    That would be very useful, to help others study for their VCP5 exam.
    Hope you dont mind, my suggestion.

  2. Wow.. this site is amazing !

    Thank you for taking the time to help others in prep for the VCP 5 cert.. !

    Love to see that PDF when it happens… thanks again – John M.

  3. Hi Preetam,

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Thank you for making time to constantly blog so much good information.
    Allow me to humbling make a recommendation. You have so much valuable information that it should be hosted on your own hosting account. God forbid WordPress.com change or do something to your content. If you host your blog on hostgator.com or any other web hosting company you will have total control of your content.
    Good luck and keep sharing more great information.

  4. Hi Preetam,
    Congratulations for your blog! You did a great job.
    Your explain is easy to learn and apply the knowledges.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Preetam,

    I located your blog by chance. It has some pretty good stuff. Keep up the good work!


  6. Hi Preetam,

    Amazing site! I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into it.



    ps. also one thing, can you help me :

    To start prep for the exam in my home made lab, I have a ideia of :

    2 Computers ESXi 5 with core2duo + 8 GB each and usb 8GBHDD pen (boot ) ( Dell Optiplex 755 )
    1 Network Gibabyte 8 port
    1 Computer Windows 2008 server with Vsphere 5 installer
    1 NAS openfiller with 2 TB hdd ( for creating the VM that EXSi will manage )

    I really need some help where, I read so much blogs and this there the most simple and practical one.

    Any advise will be appreciated.
    The exam is in June 2012, do I have enough time to finish my study till them? Who much time do I need to pass the VCP510 with home training and books?

    Sorry for some many questions I’m a newby or noob person in is first attempt to VCP510


    • Daniel, Thank you for your comment.
      About hardware, it should be more than enough to setup a lab. All you should check if your hardware is compatible is on HCL or you can check VMware communities forum where help is always on its way.

      About June 2012, i think you have very good time to prepare. Please stick to blue print and you are covered. Let me know if you need detailed explaination further.

  7. Hello Preetam
    Your blog has very useful information. Thanks for that. I am send a linked in request Please accept it. I am Planning to prepare for vcp5. your guidence & help would be appreciated

    • Thank you for your comment. Really feels good even if the blog helps few of persons like you. Best of luck for the exam and let me know if I could be of any further help

  8. Hi Preetam ji
    I want to give vcp 5 exam….. can I give the exam without the classes as I cannot afford. I know I will not get the certification, but still just want to give the exam as will not cost as much as the class fee. Please guide me


    • Hi Praveen,
      Yes you can give the exam without classes.
      In fact if you give exam and attend class later you are still VCP certified.
      If you need further info feel free to call me

      Thank you,

  9. Hi Preetam,

    I am planning to attend VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] training to gain hands on experience. It is 5 days of work shop. Do you think it would really help in learning and also completing VCP5 Certification.

    Can you suggest me, what is basic knowledge I should have to attend the training ?. So that I can prepare my self ready to make the training useful.

    Thanks you

    • Hi Ayyub,

      You don’t need any basic knowledge to attend this training.
      This training will give you all knowledge of vSPhere you need.

      Ask as many questions in this training. Don’t feel shy.

      This is how I started my career in VI3.0.

      So you are on right track. So remember one thing patience is all you need.

      To understand any product you need

        at least 6 months

      Hope it helps.

  10. Hello! Just a quick note on a new product your readers might find useful – Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition. The newly released software is deployed as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual appliance.

    The Free Edition protects up to 4 VMs, free forever (and if a user is Microsoft or VMware certified or a member of a VMUG they can get an even better NFR license).

    A few notable features of the Free Edition…

    – Instant recovery of virtual machines.
    – File-level recovery of files and folders.
    – Rotational archiving to disk, tape, NAS and SAN.
    – Automated backup scheduling with flexible strategies.

    The Free Edition can be downloaded here:

    My best,


  11. Hi Preetam Sir,

    First of all thank you for all your answers.

    Here is my situation:

    I am new (Absolute Beginner) to VmWare and i think i have decided to delve into Virtualiziation and make it my Career.
    The Opportunity that have initially in VMWare is a little limited as we already have administrators who handle it day in and day out.

    But I have a Virtual lab that i can build and learn my stuff on.

    Can you give me some advice on how to begin career in VMware Virtualization.

    I have windows server background and have been been in It for 3 + years now.

    I want to learn and improve my career options so have decided to move into Virtualization (Desktop , Server and Applications)

    If you have any informative blog that you have written on how we can transition our career into virtualization domain , it will really help me to chalk out some realistic goals.


    • Most easiest way is to get involved.
      At least spend one hour in communities.vmware.com daily.

      If you’ve virtual lab then you are almost ahead.

      Start installing esxi5.0 and play by upgrading with 5.1

      This is the latest trend in VMware communities. When you learn new things share via blogs or via twitter a/c and also you can contribute to the VMware communities.

      Remember vmware is not only the virtualisation platform, there is now Hyper-v, xen and whole new thing called software defined data enter.

      Let me know if this helps, or anyone can tAlk to me via my Skype I’d. Preetam.zare

  12. Hello sir,

    I have done my VCP certification but still 5 days training pending for register vcp certification.

    I have asked many VMware authorize center and they said fees around 50,000 for 5 days VCP training.

    Now I have some fees issue with Mercury Solutions Limited for offering VCP training .

    They have online training fees is 30,000.I have some query about fees.

    I would request you to please go through mercury websites and let me know the exact result.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Umesh,

    Thanks for your comment. Below is the link which I came across.


    As per the link fee is 27,000 INR. You can get clarification only mercury I cannot assist you here.

    Personally I would always prefer classroom training as it gives you ability to meet other aspiring VCP candidate and also provide insight on how they are implemented vSphere.

  14. Dear Sir,

    I hope you doing well..

    Congratulation for your new domain vzare.com with multiple A records.

    My question is that I have completed my HSC in 2005 and than due to financial problem I could not have completed my graduation.

    Now this year I have completed my graduation and thing is that 7 years gaps its showing that after my HSC.

    Let me know is there any issue or obstacle raised against my education background in IT.

    Please make note that there is no gap between my professional carrier.


  15. Zorro.. Amazing and really appreciate your efforts in keeping the blog up-to-update and taking personal time to contribute to Virtualization technology. I still wonder how are you able to contribute so much despite of busy schedule in office!!. You are rocking as always and kept yourself ahead of all the people i know…
    You are a role model for anyone who wants to move on in current challenging IT world…

  16. Dear Sir,

    Please assist me for my below query.

    I want export all esxi hard ware resource list please let me how can i do it.

    Awaiting for your reply.,

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