Happy New Year 2014

Wonderful year 2013. It is gone and I’m thankful to 2013. Before I start in the past, let me say


2013 was marked with an achievement of goal VCAP5-DCD. I achieved it in July. It was the single most goal I had professionally planned. I’m extremely pleased to have achieve it and most happiest thing I did was shared my experience here and material which I used. This also means I never blogged in this period. Number of post where drastically reduced.However I’m not keen to see the hits increasing. All I’m keen to share knowledge. I have learnt most of the technology through blogs and I’m giving it back. In fact few of the bloggers really appreciated it here, here and here

Some time I blog to make myself to help me remember how to do a particular thing. In fact I still refer my powershell blog when I need any help. When I don’t have sufficient time to blog I use my facebook page. This year I purchased my own domain name vZare.com and very proud about it.

As part of career progression I choose to upgrade myself with cloud technology post July 2013. Without doubt vCloud director was the product in my mind. But my lab was not sufficiently powerful. I had just 1 Socket (6 core) and 12 GB RAM. I choose upgrade it to 24 GB RAM and I’m happy this investment is really paying me.

I learnt it, I love it and I blogged about it. I think below blog post were the best part of my creativity and understanding of vCloud director.


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