VMware Authorized Training in India (VATC)

Today morning someone requested my assistance in finding out VMware Authorized Training in Pune. I think this question is asked by almost all of my followers from India.

So I felt like making a small post about it. Here it goes.

Click the link below


Select the country, put state in which you reside and then City. When I typed in Maharashtra I got Zero results. So I skipped state field and simply entered City as Pune. See the results as shown in screen capture below.


VATC in Pune

VMware Authorizd Training Center in Pune

Hope this post helps you all.


8 thoughts on “VMware Authorized Training in India (VATC)

  1. HEY thanks preetam, i also hails from pune…so have you completed your course & got the vmware certification.From which institute u did this course,do u got placed in any corporate industry.whats the tough level for vmware certification,i think vmware -install,configure,manage is for beginner no? And what are the chances getting placed after successfully completion .

  2. Hello Preetam,

    This is Ram and I completed my B-Tech (Computers) in 2013 (Fresher). I would like to learn VM Ware technologies. Please suggest me which VM Ware technology suites me and currently I am in Bangalore.

    I have gone through the above posts and I didn’t find any authorized VMWare training centers available. I don’t know how G.T House training will be. Scheduled training will be provided only in G.T House.

    Please guide me.

    Ram G,
    +91 9663316789

    • Hi Ram,
      Thanks for your comment.
      VCP training by name Install Configure and Manage vSphere5.1 from VATC is best thing for you to start.
      Link should provided you VATC center in bangalore for sure.
      In the screen capture shown just type in city Bangalore.
      You will get at least 50 VATC listed in there.

      Thank you,

      • Hello Preetam,

        Thank you very much for your suggestion, but I would like to learn ESX server training.

        Thank You,


      • Hello Preetam,

        Thank you very much for your suggestion, but I would like to learn ESX server training.

        Thank You,


  3. I had cleared VCP510 exam but I had not taken any training from Vmware authorised training center. How do I get the certificate?

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