Use the Backup Job Wizard–VDR

Use the Backup Job Wizard to specify which virtual machines are to be backed up and when this can occur.


1. In the vSphere Client, select Home > Solutions and Applications > VMware Data Recovery and click Connect.

2. Click the Backup tab and click New to launch the Backup Job wizard.


3. In the Name page, accept the suggested name or enter an alternate name and click Next.


4. In the Virtual Machines page, select individual virtual machines or containers that contain virtual machines to be backed up and click Next.


5. In the Destinations page, select a storage destination and click Next.


6. In the Backup Window page, accept the default times or specify alternate backup windows and click Next.


7. In the Retention Policy page, accept the default retention policy or specify an alternate retention policy and click Next.


8. In the Ready to Complete page, reviewed the summary information for the backup job and click Next.


Add a Network Share

You can establish a network share on which backups are stored. Provide information about a network share on which VMware Data Recovery can store backups.


Information typically required includes:

NOTE Adding network shares is only supported at the share level.



2 thoughts on “Use the Backup Job Wizard–VDR

  1. Hi Preetan, tell me one thing…
    Is it possible to export the result from a Job to a external media like USB Hard Drives? To keep historical backup in another site por exemple.

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