How To Add a vService Dependency

Add a vService Dependency


You can add a vService dependency to a virtual machine or vApp.

This dependency allows a virtual machine or vApp to request that a specific vService be available.


Procedure (Not from Webclient)


  1. Display the virtual machine or vApp in the inventory.
  2. Power off the virtual machine or vApp.
  3. Right-click the virtual machine or vApp and select Edit Settings.
  4. Click the vServices tab.
  5. Click Add.

  1. In the Add Dependency wizard, select the provider for this dependency and click Next.




  1. Enter the name and description for this dependency.
  2. (Optional) If this dependency is required, select the check box and click Next.

Required dependencies must be bound before powering on.



  1. (Optional) If this dependency should be bound to the provider immediately, select the Bind to provider immediately check box, and

click Next after the validation is complete. If you choose to bind this dependency now, the validation result displays.

Below validation has succeeded. If the validation fails, you cannot complete adding the dependency. Deselect the check box to proceed.


  1. Review the options and click Finish to create the dependency.




Edit a vService Dependency


You can edit a vService dependency name, description, and requirement.




  1. From the vServices tab in the Edit Settings dialog box, click Edit.
  2. In the Dependency Properties dialog box, edit the dependency name and description.
  3. Select or deselect the check box to change the required status of the dependency.

    The required check box is disabled if the virtual machine or vApp is running.

  4. Select a provider for the dependency. When you select a provider, the description is entered containing the provider description.

The validation box displays the results of the validation. If validation fails, the OK button is disabled until another provider or no provider is selected.

  1. Click OK.





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