Configuring Multicore Virtual CPUs

Starting with vSphere 5.0 VMware multicore virtual CPU support lets you control the number of cores per virtual socket in a virtual machine.

This capability lets operating systems with socket restrictions use more of the host CPU’s cores, which increases overall performance.


IMPORTANT When you configure your virtual machine for multicore virtual CPU settings, you must ensure that your configuration complies with the requirements of the guest operating system EULA.


Previously, each virtual CPU was, by default, assigned to a single-core socket, so that the virtual machine would have as many sockets as virtual CPUs.

You can configure a virtual machine that runs on an ESXi host to have up to 32 virtual CPUs (Enterprise Plus License only).


The number of logical CPUs is the number of physical processor cores or two times that number if hyperthreading is enabled.


The maximum number of virtual CPUs that you can assign to a virtual machine depends on the number of

  • Logical CPUs on the host,
  • The host license, and
  • The type of guest OS that is installed on the virtual machine.


For example, if a host has 32 logical CPUs, you can configure the virtual machine for 32 virtual CPUs.

You configure how the virtual CPUs are assigned in terms of sockets and cores.


For example, you can configure a virtual machine with 12 virtual CPUs in the following ways:


  1. 12 virtual sockets with 1 core per socket
  2. 6 virtual sockets with 2 cores per socket
  3. 4 virtual sockets with 3 cores per socket
  4. 3 virtual sockets with 4 cores per socket
  5. 2 virtual sockets with 6 cores per socket
  6. 1 virtual socket with 12 cores per socket



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