Configuring Virtual Machine Networking on a vSphere Distributed Switch

Connect virtual machines to a vSphere distributed switch either by configuring an individual virtual machine NIC or migrating groups of virtual machines from the vSphere distributed switch itself.

Connect virtual machines to vSphere distributed switches by connecting their associated virtual network adapters to distributed port groups.

let’s Migrate Virtual Machines to Or from a vSphere Distributed Switch

You can migrate a group of virtual machines between a vSphere distributed switch network and a vSphere standard switch network.


1. Log in to the vSphere Client and select the Networking inventory view.

2. Right-click the datacenter and select Migrate Virtual Machine Networking.


The Migrate Virtual Machine Networking wizard appears.

3. Select a Source Network to migrate adapters from.


4. Select a Destination Network to migrate adapters to.



5. Click Next.

6. (Optional) Highlight a virtual machine or adapter to view their details as seen below


7. Select the virtual machines and adapters to migrate to the destination network and click Next.

8. Verify that the source network, destination network, and number of virtual machines to migrate are correct and click Finish.


Task is created and machines are migrated serially to vDS



2 thoughts on “Configuring Virtual Machine Networking on a vSphere Distributed Switch

  1. After migrate a virtual machine networking with this wizard, it appears with two network labels for the same nic (on the summary tab) , but in the settings it only has the vDS network label….. how is it possible?

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