Add a vSphere Distributed Switch

1 In the vSphere Client, select the Networking inventory view and select the datacenter.
2 Select Inventory > Datacenter > New vSphere Distributed Switch.
3 Select a vSphere distributed switch version.




4.Use the arrow buttons to select the Number of uplink ports, and click Next.
      Uplink ports connect the distributed switch to physical NICs on associated hosts. The number of uplink
      ports is the maximum number of allowed physical connections to the distributed switch per host.



Select whether to add hosts and their physical adapters to the vSphere distributed switch now or later.
If you select Add now, select the hosts and physical adapters to use by clicking the check box next to each
host or adapter. You can only see free physical adapters to a vSphere distributed switch during distributed
switch creation.


(Optional) Set the maximum number of ports on a host.
a Click View Details for the host.
b Select the maximum number of ports for the host from the drop-down menu.
c Click OK.



Click Next.
10 (Optional) Select whether to Automatically create a default port group.
This option creates a distributed port group with default settings.


11 Click Finish.


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