Scheduling Storage DRS


1. In the vSphere Client inventory, right-click a datastore cluster and select Edit Settings.
2. In the Edit Datastore Cluster dialog box, click SDRS Scheduling.

3 Click Add.
4 Type the time and select the days for the task to run.
5 Click Next.

6 Specify the start settings for the task.
a) Type a description for the start settings.
     For example, Change SDRS Configuration.
b) Select an automation level.
c) disable I/O metrics for Storage DRS recommendations, select the check box.


When you disable I/O metrics for Storage DRS recommendations, I/O metrics are not considered as part of Storage DRS recommendations or automated migrations for the datastore cluster.
d Set the Utilized Space threshold.
Use the Utilized Space slider to indicate the maximum percentage of consumed space allowed before Storage DRS is triggered. Storage DRS makes recommendations and performs migrations when space use on the datastores is higher than the threshold.

7. Click Next.
8 Specify the end settings for the task. VMware have made things easy by providing Restore settings to the original configuration


9 Review the Ready to Complete page and click Finish.

The scheduled task runs at the specified time.


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